Miss World Namibia 2023 Jewellery Collection


The Story of Leone van Jaarsveld

My life story is one of the fundamentals. These fundamentals are the four focal points that guide me through my aspirations and pursuits.

The ability and strength to get yourself to the point of doing something, despite the extreme difficulty it may pose, is what truly sets you out of your comfort zone.

My motivation is routed in my self-belief. This is what encourages me to take action and do what is necessary.

To be in the right state of mind is always essential, as your mental attitude can dictate the outcome and response of any situation. A versatile mindset is ready to adapt and respond to any case.

Most importantly, Belief.
Stand firm in your worth and Belief. You have to fully believe in your worthiness and capabilities. Most of us can do so much more than we allow ourselves to believe.

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and pursuing my heart's desires, I have come to understand the profound importance of relinquishing control over the uncontrollable.Do not always listen to the opinion of other people, as they are merely just an opinion which would never define who you indeed are.

Amidst the tapestry of my aspirations, my greatest current endeavour is to cultivate patience within myself. Life's complexities don't demand that everything be figured out instantly; instead, I humbly strive to unleash my full potential in every pursuit.

Today, I stand before you as Miss World Namibia 2023, proudly chosen to represent my beloved country on the grand stage of the 71st edition of Miss World International in the enchanting city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

However, this extraordinary opportunity did not come without its fair share of setbacks and failures. Over the span of six years, I ardently competed in the Namibia pageant industry, relentlessly pursuing my dream of representing my nation on an international platform. Despite its outcome, each attempt served as a stepping stone towards resilience and character development.

Allow me to share an invaluable truth that I have come to embrace with utmost honesty: failure is an inevitable companion on the path to success. It is through these trying moments that I have learned to appreciate the sacrifices and dedication required to transform into the woman I aspire to be. These failures have moulded me, structuring the foundation upon which I firmly stand, unwavering in my beliefs and determined to conquer my aspirations.

As I take immense pride in being a Namibian, I embark on this journey to showcase that our nation possesses the same calibre and international excellence as any competing country in the 71st edition of Miss World. Along this unique path, I diligently seek collaboration with local Namibian companies, ensuring that every attire and requirement I present on the global stage reflects the authenticity and beauty of my beloved homeland.

Join me as I transcend boundaries, shattering limitations and embodying the unwavering spirit of a true Namibian. Together, let us demonstrate the brilliance and potential residing within our nation while inspiring others to embrace their dreams with unyielding determination.

In the pursuit of greatness, I invite you to witness a remarkable journey that encapsulates the essence of resilience, self-belief, and the unbreakable bond between an extraordinary individual and their cherished nation.

By: S. Schneider


Nature is the greatest designer, we merely interpret it and are inspired by the reflection of our own perception.

From a tumbling weed to the course of a river...

From the smallest insect to the largest of giants... the inspiration is endless.

The things that seem super insignificant can have a greater impact when transformed and recreated in metal, making magnificent pieces of jewellery. 

More though... has an even greater impact when combined with the mineral crystals found in Namibia, whether for their luster or their astatic value, their beauty is unavoidable, whether in their natural form or precisely cut.

We design to empower...

50% of profits go to the Save The Rhino Trust Namibia and other non-profit organisations.